Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How I Fit Bible Time into My Morning

Last Wednesday, I blogged about how I study my Bible. This week is the follow-up about how I actually fit it into the day…most of the time. J

I’m a lawyer, so I have to make a disclaimer. J I refuse to make any blanket statements about when you should read your Bible. Quite frankly, I don’t know when YOU should read your Bible. It's up to you, your disposition, your schedule, even your family. 

A few years ago, I read an article online that stated definitively that you were not a Christian committed to your faith if you weren't up by six in the morning to have your quiet time. Guilt immediately settled on my shoulders like a heavy cloak. There have been many times in my life that was impossible -- during the tiredness of the first trimester of pregnancy, nearly the entire first year after having a baby, when I'm ill or having an episode of back pain, when I've been up in the night comforting a sick or scared child, when I got home late after visiting/helping at my mom's or my mother-in-law's. Was I not a Christian in those times? Pffft! I'm not going to saddle you with that guilt, sweet friend.

I appreciate the advice to get to bed earlier. I really do. I love those mornings when I’m up before everyone else, soaking in the stillness and the Word and the coffee. But I live with a husband and six children, and unless I want to be a drill sergeant {um, no thanks!}, my schedule is not entirely my own. My husband is a night owl who can get by, most of the time, on five to six hours of sleep. I'm one of those full-eight-hour gals, hence the reason I drink coffee. J We decided, early in our marriage, that we would go to bed at the same time. We didn't want to be on different schedules, especially if that meant my husband would stay up for a few more hours while I was in bed. I also learned, pretty quickly, that I didn't sleep as well when he wasn't there. J We've compromised, some, but there have been seasons in our lives where the night owl creeps back out...during graduate classes {homework!} and now building a house when my husband works into the night.

It's just not possible to go to bed late and get up early.

So … I am not always up before the first child. However, I don’t think this automatically compromises the quality of my quiet time.

That first child up will often play quietly or look at books while I read and pray.

Sometimes the older children will read with me, each in their own Bible. This often results in verses read aloud and discussion of those passages.

When we are in school, I sometimes sit at the table with the homeschoolers studying their first subjects. My Bible reading sets an example to them of reading and praying, demonstrating that it’s not something you rush through. It also teaches the Littles that Bible time is something that needs quiet and respect, especially when I remind them. J

Physically, I often sit with my hands against my forehead, shielding my vision. It helps me focus on the Bible in front of me since that's all I can see. It also signals to my children that I ought not be interrupted.

Every once in a great while, my devotional time gets put off until the Littles are napping. Then, I remind myself that late is better than never. J

My bottom line is simply to do what works for you. Just remember that may change through the seasons of your life, perhaps even from year to year or semester to semester or month to month. Be flexible and soak up God’s Word, no matter what time it is.

When do you read your Bible? I would love to read your tips. J

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  1. I usually read at night right before bed. I don't think it matters when we read the scriptures just that we DO read them. Thanks for these thoughts. I love that your children often join with you in studying the bible. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. A very interesting post. you are my neighbor at R and R. My habit was to read my Bible just prior to going to bed - - but after all these years, I decided to make my Bible reading first thing after arising. I can't say it makes a difference either way, but the night reading did help me go to sleep quicker.

  3. Deb, the children and I have had some great discussions because I'm at the table with them with my Bible open. I agree -- the important thing is to be reading! :-)

    Hazel, reading before bed is conducive to sleep, isn't it? Although I wonder if the Scriptures are particularly so as we are filled with peace and comfort. :-) I've often thought another few verses before bed would help relieve the stress of the day.

  4. Loved this post! I know exactly where you are writing from as a homeschooling mother to 5. The days are full and beautiful and exhausting. My favorite time is early morning, in the stillness, meeting with my Savior! the reality is, just like yours, that it's not always possible. I've made the choice to not be bogged down by this, and to find pockets of time throughout the day when my morning quiet time doesn't happen. Thanks for this encouraging post! I found it when I linked up at A Little R & R. It's nice to meet you and your blog, and I look forward to returning. I blog at

  5. Yes... it can be so hard to squeeze in our quiet time with a houseful of homeschooled little ones... plus, I work full time (weekend night shifts) as a nurse, so that really throws off my daily biorhythms!

    I like reading while the children are studying... but I also like to listen to an audio Bible. Sometimes I will set it to play as I fall asleep for the night... other times I will have it going while I do housework or go walking, etc... it's just another way of getting the Word into my heart!

    I would be so honored if you would share this post at:

  6. I agree completely! But we do have to "make" the time if it's not a regular part of our daily routine. We can't make excuses for why we're not in the Word because, for me personally, I can choose to watch TV or read a book over studying my Bible and praying. It's a matter of priorities and keeping them in the right order, no matter what time of day :)

    Thanks for sharing this. I love to see how other moms of many find time to do Bible study, especially since I'm about to have a newborn and will have to relinquish my coveted 5:30 a.m. quiet times. I love how you will study with your kids, involving them. How special and precious a time together!

  7. I have been trying to figure out a time to make this happen. Thank you for reminding me of the joy that awaits me in His word!


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