Wednesday, May 7, 2014

“You’re the whole world, Mommy.”

Difficult didn’t even begin to describe the day.

We’d moved furniture, taped baseboard, laid down drop cloth, all to paint our house which we need to sell. A lot of the joy of the work simply wasn’t there because, ideally, we wouldn’t be there to enjoy it for long.

The ice maker on the refrigerator started spouting water mid-morning. Even after three trips to Home Depot and consultation with a plumber, it wasn’t working.

I spent bits and pieces of the morning packing up some extra dishes for long-term storage. As I wrapped and stacked, my heart retrieved out of its long-term storage difficult emotions surrounding those dishes.

My two littlest boys disobeyed at nap time. The activity of the day made for a hard time settling down.

By supper time, the painting job still was not done. Did I mention the new valances had not been hung either?

The day improved slightly with the blessed pick-up of a pizza after eight. Tummies were filled and spirits revived…just a bit. Weariness abounded.

And then it happened.

The 3yo, my littlest, my baby, clambered into my lap. I nuzzled my chin over his blonde summer haircut and inhaled the baby scent I knew he wouldn’t carry much longer.

He ran his cars up and down my arms and then stopped suddenly. He twisted to gaze his big brown eyes into mine.

“You’re the whole world, Mommy.”

My breath caught in my throat. I didn’t dare exhale for fear I would blow away the moment.



“You’re the whole world.”

I squeezed him just enough to satisfy my longing for physical touch but not enough for him to squirm away.

He’s three. I have no idea if he knows what he says. I have no idea where he might have heard that phrase whole world.

But sometimes, out of the mouths of babes, comes wisdom…and maybe even the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

I am his whole world.

When it seems that everything around me falls apart, I’m his whole world.

When people fail me and seem not to care, I’m his whole world.

When I’ve disappointed myself, I’m his whole world.

Those big brown eyes fixed on me? I’m his whole world.

I was a motherhood skeptic years ago. But now?

This journey of motherhood is turning out to be worth every single step.

What are some of your favorite motherhood moments?

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  1. That is absolutely precious, Meghan! Thanks for sharing your joys and struggles, and praying the busy packing/moving days to come go by a little smoother!

    In Christ,

  2. O so sweet. You are so busy, I know, I home-schooled 4 children, but didn't build a house in the middle of it. I seriously don't know how you do all you do, but for the strength of the Lord. And I say it again, you have quite the way with words. Thank you for using your talent.

    1. Definitely the strength of the Lord, Debbie. I'm hoping for a long rest when we're done. Thank you so much for your kind words. :-)

  3. That is so sweet:) I do enjoy reading your post by email.

  4. Awwww! <3 It brought tears to my eyes!

  5. How beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes!

  6. Okay, very sweet and encouraging...but also quite convicting. Maybe not what you were going for, but as I read those last statements, the Lord used them as a reminder to me of how mama sets the tone for the household. I am their whole world--they don't look to or understand those other things, they just look to me, and I need to be sure that I am pointing them to God instead of the hurt, disappointment, or frustration that I may feel in the day.

    1. Excellent point, Crystal. Our children look to us for calmness and security. And snuggles as needed.... :-)

  7. This is so sweet and beautiful! I think it is a really important reminder of why we slow down and savor the small moments in our lives with one another! Thanks for a sweet post and a good reminder!

  8. So sweet! Somehow our little ones always seem to know what we need. My breath seems to be taken away daily with words from my little one.

  9. Awwww.....such a really sweet post, Meghan. Moving is so emotional when we are packing up years of memories and leaving the walls the contained them.

  10. Thank you so much, ladies! I was hesitant to post this, but y'all have blessed my socks off! Blessings all around! :-)

  11. It is memories like that sustain me in the growing up years:) Moments like those are God's medicine to the soul! Wishing you blessing in your move!

  12. How sweet. Isn't is amazing how the words our kids tell us can impact us so greatly. When often, they aren't aware of the affect those words have on us, or even what the true meaning of what they say is.
    Such a precious moment!
    Have a blessed weekend..and good luck with the house preparations. I'll keep your family in my prayers!

  13. Thank you for sharing your heart! A great reminder to all us all what really matters!


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