Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Place to Belong ~ All My Belongings Book Review

Last week, the highlight of my mornings was my coffee date with my new friend, Becca.

The inside of the rim of my mug reads, “Grateful for the gift of hope.” J

Title: All My Belongings
Author: Cynthia Ruchti
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Genre: Christian Fiction

“A new identity can’t protect Becca from a past that refuses to go away.”

Becca Morrow changes her name, invents a new identity, and moves hundreds of miles away to find a place to belong, a place where her family history doesn’t determine who she is. She becomes a caregiver for an elderly woman, a position at which warm and loving Becca excels.

But when she believes that she has finally escaped a reputation based on other's actions and attitudes and beliefs, it all comes crashing down. Is she guilty because of an association she didn't ask for in the first place? She was, in fact, in the midst of an activity, an occupation, that, if anyone cared to pay attention, was proving that she was just the opposite.

So I cried. Where did Becca belong? She had thought it was there, in her new location, her new position, her new home. I sniffed and snuffled and reached for a tissue as I commiserated with Becca and her search for a place to belong.

And in the end, her place to belong had been right in front of her all along. It was…. But I don't want to spoil it for you, dear friends, because that ending is so full of hope. Hope that glows in the dark. {Cynthia Ruchti's tagline! Cool, isn't it?}

I inhaled this story, sometimes in short puffs of what’s-going-to-happen-next gasps and other times in long breaths of oxygen heavy with truth and comfort and healing.

Cynthia Ruchti has created another masterpiece, overflowing with real and powerful characters and emotions and settings. My only regret with this book was that it had to end. Becca had become a dear friend to me.

You can find Cynthia Ruchti here ~

A good book is food for the brain. J

I received a copy of this book direct from Abingdon Press in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I am so happy I stopped here. I'm leaving Saturday on vacation and wanted some light reading to take with me. It's rare I read a novel. (I'm reading Mark Batterson's "All In" and a couple others, too.) I love the books that you become friends with a character.

  2. Pamela, I'm thrilled to think that "All My Belongings" will accompany you on vacation! Take a picture and send it to me, please. I love seeing how far this book travels!

  3. Very interesting - it's always nice to find a book that you look forward to picking up in the free moments you can grab.

    Thanks for sharing with Cozy Reading Spot

  4. stopping by from the reading list blog, going to have to look into this...I might want to read, thanks for sharing

  5. Pamela, I'm not much of a fiction reader but I always look for good recommendations. I like the sound of this one! I found your blog through Wise Woman Builds her Home. I don't do book reviews often, but I have a 'What I'm Reading' page for the young women I write to. Thanks for this post, I'll look up the book!


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