Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Resurrection Rolls ~ A Toothsome and Inspirational Easter Breakfast

It was just a scant two years ago that I discovered Resurrection Rolls in the wide blogosphere. Our family loves them, not just for the flavor of the treat but especially for the lesson that goes along with the making.

They’re basically a cinnamon-sugared marshmallow {Jesus’ body} in a biscuit {the tomb}, but the super-duper neat thing is that when they are baked, the marshmallow is absorbed into the biscuit. When you cut the finished biscuit open, it is empty, just like the tomb on Easter Sunday.

What an amazing visual, and I don’t mean just for the children! J

The first time we made them, my then-6yo daughter just stared inside the biscuit. Eventually, she asked with hushed wonder, “Did the marshmallow go to Heaven?” That question was the beginning of a family discussion that, I prayed, helped the children to understand the miracle of Easter.

You need breakfast anyway, right? So make it something that prompts a discussion of the celebration of Easter. J

{My apologies for the photos. I simply cannot find the pictures from prior years, and we haven’t made the Resurrection Rolls yet this year.}


1 (8 count) can refrigerated biscuits {We have these for breakfast on Easter morning, so we use canned biscuits instead of crescent rolls. They work well.}
8 large marshmallows
melted butter
ground cinnamon
white sugar

Preheat oven to the temperature suggested on the can. For our biscuits, that’s 350 degrees Farenheit {325 with Speed Bake}. Lightly grease a 9x13 {or a baking sheet for rolls}.

Separate the biscuits and roll them out a little or press them wider with your fingers. {If you’re using crescent rolls, just separate them into individual triangles.}

In a small bowl, mix together the cinnamon and sugar.

Dip each marshmallow into the melted butter, then roll it in the cinnamon-sugar mixture. The marshmallow represents Jesus’ body, and the cinnamon and sugar are the spices used to anoint him for burial.

Place the marshmallow into the center of a biscuit circle. Carefully wrap the dough around the marshmallow. 

Pinch the seams together tightly to seal in the marshmallow as it melts. The biscuit dough represents the tomb where Jesus’ body was placed.

Repeat with all the marshmallows and biscuits, placing them in the 9x13. We have each child do one, and then the littlest Littles usually do the last two.

Bake in the preheated oven until done according to the biscuit instructions.

After cooling, when the children cut into the biscuit, the marshmallow will be gone, leaving an empty center. The empty center of the baked biscuit represents the empty tomb.

Bon appetit! J

Does your family enjoy Resurrection Rolls? What is your favorite Easter treat?

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  1. These look wonderfully easy to make! Thank you.

  2. I am really thinking about making these for Sunday for the kids at church. So you think if I made them Saturday they will keep nicely for Sunday?

  3. I think we'll be making these at my in-laws this weekend. Have never tried them before...looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

  4. These have been a favorite Easter treat for my kids for about 15 years! My adult kids still ask for them. :-)

  5. I love this idea! Our son would enjoy seeing this visual, also. Thanks so much for sharing!


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