Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Favorite Items for an Easter Basket {A Guest Post by the 14yo}

Hi everybody! The 14yo here today taking over for Mom. J

For as long as I can remember, when my brothers and sisters and I wake up Easter morning, there is always an Easter basket for each of us on the breakfast table.

Since all our birthdays are in the fall, Christmas is long gone, and Mom and Dad won’t buy us anything from the toy aisle, Easter has become a time for them to give us little gifts. They like putting together the baskets, rather than buying pre-made baskets, because they’re cheap frugal. To be honest, the gifts are better because they're personalized.

Here are some things we’ve found in our Easter baskets in the past ~

New clothes for spring. It’s usually simple (and adorable!), and it works best for babies who are constantly growing into new sizes. A one-piece creeper can roll up and fit quite nicely in a basket. {Not that I remember getting creepers. J}

Sticker sheets. I mean, who wouldn’t want stickers of cute little bunny rabbits and chicks?

Bible story books. Something to go in an Easter basket that promotes faith.

Bible DVDs. A few years ago, we found a half-dozen Bible stories on DVD in our Easter baskets {since there are a half-dozen of us}. We all love them.

Bendable bunnies. The Littles have always loved these. They take up residence in the diaper bag, since they're a handy toy to bring out any time of the year. You can find them just about everywhere around Easter.

Bubble bath and other bath toys. Last year, the 8yo got bathtub finger paint. There were murals all over the bathtub walls for the next few weeks. J

A jump rope or any small outside toy. Perfect for warm weather.

Hair accessories. Well, maybe not for the boys. J Mom wants me to mention Lilla Rose so she can put in a link. J

Pencils. Pencils are fun all the time, but they’re particularly snazzy around Easter. So snazzy that I still haven’t used the ones I got last year….

My Little Ponies. One of my ponies had cute little bunny ears.

Hot Wheels. These little cars are cheap, especially if you get them at Menards and get a rebate later in the mail. J

Legos. Little ones. I don’t think you’d be able to fit the Death Star in a basket.

Candy. Of course, you can’t forget the candy! We especially like the solid chocolate crosses.

I hope these are good suggestions. Have a wonderful Easter!

~ The 14yo

What do you like to put in Easter baskets?

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  1. Ah, the memories of my Easter baskets when I was younger.

    Thank you for sharing yours😊. I never received candy or gifts except for Easter, thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, and (sometimes) New Years. So, Easter was always special. My mom would hide my brother's and I basket every year and give us clues like a treasure hunt to find them. It was so much fun.😊

    Sometimes growing up isn't as fun as you think it will be,lol.

  2. I don't really remember getting Easter baskets growing up, but Dad always got Mom and Me a pretty new store bought dress, new church shoes, and a corsage to wear to church on Easter Sunday (almost all of the rest of my clothes were hand made by my mom). My mom crocheted little eggs and filled them with the polyester stuff. They were reused and reused and reused as decorations every year.

  3. I love to do something intentional and Christ-centered for the kids, like a Cedarmont Kids CD or a good storybook. This year I'm planning to get my daughter a new Bible.

  4. My children get GIANT hollow chocolate bunnies from their Noni (grandma) each Easter and we get them a chocolate cross. The baskets aren't their biggest treat on Easter (when thinking treats) they love that they get to do a couple of different egg hunts (a community one the day before, our's and possibly their other grandma's the day of, and one with Noni the day after) that's where they get the majority of their treats and small gifts. Each Easter morning they get a whole new outfit (bought or made) and pair of shoes to wear to church that will suddenly be hung by their dresser overnight.

  5. I get my kids a new Children's Bible every Easter. This year they are getting Christian movies and an Adventures in Odyssey audiobook as well. They also get some small toys and I hide some plastic eggs, filled with candy, toys, or coins, around the house just for fun. I have a growing collection of Christian Easter books that we read in the weeks leading up to Easter.

    I want my children to realize the importance of Easter so I am looking for new traditions to include. You have given me some good ideas. Thank you.

  6. I don't think I've ever got an Easter Basket. I like the idea of putting Bible stories, little toys, and chocolate in Easter baskets and personalizing them.


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