Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ten Reasons to Love Winter

As the Midwest endures more snow and temperatures in the teens, my Facebook newsfeed is increasingly filled with laments of the horribleness of winter.

I know I’m in the minority, but I love winter. I haven’t always had that level of enthusiasm, although I enjoyed playing in the snow as a child. But then I married a man who loved winter. He makes snow and cold fun and is able to warm my hands through my mittens. J

So, without further throat-clearing, my top ten reasons to love winter ~

A lot less perspiration. A lot less stink.

No sunburn = no skin cancer. Yeah, I’m a little leery of the sun after having two spots of skin cancer removed.

Hot cocoa, with or without marshmallows, in a cheery mug. Or coffee. Or tea. Anything hot.

Adorable children in hats and snowsuits.

The purity of a fresh snowfall reminds me of Jesus’ purity and His love for me, mercies that are new every morning.

No six- and eight-legged little creatures.

Long evenings with soft, cozy lamplight and flickering candles.

Snuggly fleece blankets and thick quilts.

The warm smiles of a snowman.

Sledding, snow angels, and snowball fights. {Sorry if you live in the south. J}

Please don’t throw anything at me if you don’t enjoy winter, unless it’s a big ole snowball looking for a fight.

And if you don’t enjoy this season, just remember that it’s only 56 days until Spring. J

What do you love about winter?

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  1. Yay, another winter lover! I love winter! Yet, we don't get near enough "true" winter here anymore. Yes, we are in Colorado, but not where we get near as much snow as I'd like. My poor kiddos don't even own a sled! We get enough snow to play in maybe four times a winter. Not enough for me!

    The hot cocoa is a must, along with warm fuzzy blankets, and a family snuggle.
    And I'm right there with the no sweat and no sunburns! Being a red-head, a walk to the mail box can give me a nice pink color, during the summer! No fun!

  2. I agree with you whole-heartedly!!! I am grumpy when I am hot. I love any excuse to snuggle in at home and not have to get out and the lack of bugs and other critters is just gravy on the biscuit! I really enjoyed this post. You made me smile and it is a comfort to know I am not alone! GO WINTER!!!!

  3. Yes, I love fall & winter! Of course it helps that I do live in Texas...

  4. Meghan, the winter sun can contribute to skin cancer. Sunscreen should be worn on sunny winter days too. Sunglasses are needed in the winter, the snow can be blinding. My melanoma is inside my eyeball so be sure to get a dilated eye exam at least every 2 years.

    I love snow, I hate the cold. I grew up in Western New York where we had in excess of 200 inches of snow/year. But it was usually above zero. Now I'm in the upper midwest, less snow but it is so cold, so many weeks of below zero temps. It makes it hard to get out and cross country ski or snow shoe.

  5. I love winter too! Mostly the beauty of the fresh fallen snow coating all the trees around us. Every year I go out and take pictures of it all. So beautiful. Oh, and of course the sledding, I even join the kids occasionally, can't resist! =)

  6. Great list of positives about winter. Think I will go have some hot cocoa right now! It may ony get up to 80 here in Phoenix today. Enjoy your rest-of-the-week!

  7. These are wonderful, and you are so sweet! :) I love snow on the mountains & pine trees (Black Hills).

  8. We live in Queensland, Australia and when my kids were little they thought snow was only in fairytales:)
    Right now we're in the middle of summer 38 degrees C (just over 100 degrees F). So we'd love some winter!!! The kids are saying how many more months til winter?? Maybe one day we'll be able to take the kids to see snow for real. Enjoy your winter - and the snow. Klecia.

  9. ha! I loved your list. I'm from Florida and am a transplant to Kansas so I love the winter! I also enjoy it when spring comes around so I can thaw out. I've found winter with a baby is much more of a challenge than just ourselves. And I'm with you on now creepy crawlers - I love that part!


  10. I'm a winter fan also, though this winter is especially brutal. I love snow, but the -45F windchill is rough!

    Hopped over from Make Your Home Sing Monday! :)

  11. aw, I love your positive post about winter! Up here in Chicago, it's a bit too cold to out in the snow, but I do love excuses to stay home and cuddle with my little ones! Thanks for the reminder that this time of year is good too. the windchill was convincing me it was not!


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