Friday, January 31, 2014

A Creative Week ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

January ends today! Can you believe it?! Why does time have to pass so quickly?


I’ve always admired other bloggers who seem to come up with a theme for their weekly wrap-up posts. It just usually feels like we’re straggled all over the place that I can’t find a common thread. But as I reviewed these highlights, I see that we had some rather creative moments this week.

In our homeschool this week…

The 14yo ~

In her supplemental science with Apologia, the 14yo is designing a Digestion-Themed Amusement Park. Visitors start at the restaurant, go on through the drink stand, ride the Esophagus Splash and the Carrot Coaster, and end at the restroom. J It’s still under construction, though, and Phase Two will be added next week.

The 12yo ~

Haiku mania this week in Creative Writing! This is our favorite ~

Winter’s so pretty.
Snow comes when there’s winter here.
Winter makes me glad.

The 10yo ~

Wednesday night at our church’s Patch the Pirate club, the 10yo “purchased” a nerf gun. So Thursday’s school required regular interruptions for target practice. {No shooting at faces allowed! J}

The 8yo ~

In my mother’s moving around and sorting of furniture, she decided she didn’t have space for this old rolltop desk. Isn’t it a beaut? All week, the children have been taking turns doing school and coloring at the desk.

The 5yo and the 3yo ~

Lego mania from the moment they awake to put-away time, all week long!

Places we’re going…

Honda, to bring home a new van. We got our Chrysler Town & Country when the 14yo was six months old, and it finally came to its end. L Repair bills have become too much, and we figured we might as well put that repair money toward a new vehicle. So, I’m not sure if this is my favorite thing this week or not, but we have an appointment on Friday to make the decision.

On the blog this week…

Need a Homemade Gift or Craft Idea? Lapbook Castles or Houses or Zoos!

I’m reading…

Still Psalms. Sometimes one, sometimes two or three, but every day. Better than a cup of coffee to get me going in the morning. J

How was your week?

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  1. The amusement park looks fun! And that desk is beautiful!

    1. The 14yo has had a lot of fun making it. It's been a great way to fortify her knowledge of the digestive system. :-)

  2. The amusement park is such a fun idea! Stopping by from week in review.

    1. I'm curious to see what the 14yo comes up with for Phase Two. :-) Thanks for stopping, and have a wonderful weekend, Tiff!

  3. Love the digestion themed amusement park!! The desk is pretty, too. So glad you had a wonderful week! {Visiting from the HMJ!}

  4. You've definitely had a creative week! Now I'm thinking of ways I can incorporate my son's Nerf gun in school...he would love that! :)

    1. If you figure out how to make it a part of school, I'd love to know! :-) Thanks for visiting, Lora!


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