Friday, November 1, 2013

The One Where We Have a Much Needed Fall Break ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Welcome to the most glorious month of November! The month of brisk nights and glittery frosty mornings, thick blankets, warm sweaters, Pilgrims, turkey and dressing, thankfulness, and eventually…Christmas decorations! J

In our homeschool this week… FALL BREAK! J J J

Interestingly enough, our break started out with some education Friday night. Funny how that happens. J We had coupons for a local corn maze, and inside the maze were “stations” with tidbits of information about pumpkins.

It was a wonderfully chilly evening, and we barely made it out by dark.

On Monday morning, the first child up was the 9yo. He staggered out at 9:10 a.m., half-asleep, worried that he was getting a late start, and went right to his book cubby. He’s a trooper! He had forgotten we were taking a break and was thrilled to lie down on the couch for a while.

We were all weary and enjoyed a bit of extra rest. I don’t think any child was up before 9:00 a.m. any day of the week. I wanted to get a lot of extra writing and a bit of work on the blog done as well as de-cluttering and organizing before the holidays. But most of my to-do list just didn’t happen. I also had a difficult relationship situation arise that sacked me early in the week. That’s okay.

Instead, we made peanut butter cookies…

and played a bit of Uno, even with a handicap J

and wrestled around, like boys like to do.

We’re looking forward to… the three Bigs’ baptisms on Sunday. They’re learning the Christian Creed and will be giving their testimonies during the service. Twelve church members in all will be baptized Sunday morning! Then, we’ll have a houseful of extended family to feed for Sunday dinner. I’ll share photos in Monday’s post.

On the blog this week…

Ten Reformation Day Activities – This was one of my most popular posts last year, so I re-posted it.

Our home-building this week…

Wednesday and Thursday were rainy, so not much was accomplished this week. My Facebook status yesterday revealed my attitude…

Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day.
After windows take their space
And roofing fits its proper place.

I’ll be honest. I wanted to write “Sigh” right here. Sometimes the frustration of being dependent on other people to do their jobs before we can get in there and do ours is overwhelming. But then I pause and listen for that little whisper of the Holy Spirit. He reminds me that God is in control and I need to trust my husband.

Praying for a wonderful weekend for you, my friend! J

How was your week? What are your plans this weekend?

November's incredible Flexi of the Month!

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  1. I think your house looks great so far. It reminds me of our house. ;)

    Peanut Butter cookies sound good. One of my favorites to munch on. I try not to make things with PB because I have a child with a peanut allergy and trying to explain to her why she can't have a cookie is very difficult. She has such big brown eyes. Ugh! She knows she can't have PB and often eats sunbutter in her sandwiches. If I make cookies with sunbutter, I get complaints from my other kids about how awful it tastes. I can't win. :)

  2. I love break weeks! We did a corn maze yesterday and the kids had fun. I need to pick up an inexpensive Uno deck, it's one almost all the kids could do. We've been playing Exact Change (found it at Hobby Lobby once and used a 40% off coupon). It is a LOT like Uno but gives you practice adding coins. However it also has the option to match colors or numbers/coins, so we've used it with the 2yo on up.

  3. The maze looks like SO much fun! I love fall activities. :-) I love peanut butter cookies! Your house looks amazing! Wow, just wow. We pray that someday we can afford to buy a piece of land away from the craziness of where we are in suburbia, but like you said, in His time, not ours. :-) Have an awesome weekend, friend!

  4. Glad you had such a nice break. The corn maze looks fun!

  5. Your boys are lucky to have eachother to wrestle with. My 8yr old did a lot of it with his friend who visited on Thursday. Otherwise it's down to me!
    Enjoy the baptisms!


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