Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reformation Day ~ Ten Activities and Party Ideas

Have you decided what to do on October 31? Last week, I posted ten thoughts about what a Christian should do with Halloween. There was an incredible response, and I was encouraged that so many of you have really thought it through.

But do you know what else we can celebrate on October 31? Reformation Day. A couple of comments mentioned Reformation Day, and I thought I’d do a little research.

Reformation Day commemorates October 31, 1517, the day that church father Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of Castle Church, thus beginning the Protestant Reformation. The basis of his 95 Theses was a protest to the current church teaching that sinners could buy forgiveness from the church. Luther insisted, rightly so, that forgiveness can only be granted by God. (You know, sometimes I wonder what in the world was going through the heads of the church leaders during that time in history. Did they actually read the scriptures, or did their greed determine their teachings? I hope they sought the forgiveness that only God can grant. But I digress….)

If you want to celebrate Reformation Day in your family or school, here are ten ideas I gathered from around the web.
  1. You can still dress up, but why not dress up as knights, princesses, and peasants from the Renaissance or as Bible characters? Sounds perfect for my kiddos. In the article Reformation Day -Redeeming October 31, CBN suggests dressing in costumes of characters from the Reformation, such as Martin Luther or John Calvin. Do you think Wal-Mart stocks Martin Luther rubber masks?
  2. The Holiday Zone has some terrific resources for coloring pages, word searches, and discussion questions, although I think I’d have to do some research before being able to participate in that discussion. Can you name the forerunners to the Reformation?   
  3. Your boys can design a coat of arms to identify themselves when they’re in a suit of armor. Story Board Toys has a how-to with downloadable templates. 
  4. The girls can make a lavender sachet to ward off the Bubonic Plague. Place a tablespoon of dried lavender in a circle of tulle, then pull up the sides and fasten with ribbon. Decorate as desired. 
  5. Learn the words to the hymn “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” Write it in your best handwriting on pretty paper and post it in your home. Learn to play it on the piano or the violin or the guitar, whatever musical instrument you or your children can play. 
  6. Sojourn Kids blogged that Martin Luther was put on trial before a “diet” (a group of church leaders) in the town of Worms, Germany. For a snack, have gummy worms in dirt pudding. 
  7. In Luther’s time, most people couldn’t read the Bible because it was printed in Latin. Have the children make their own Bibles using construction paper for a cover and stickers for illustrations.
  8. Play Pin the Theses on the Church Door. One blog thought this was weird, but my children have also made up the games of Feed the Steak to the T-Rex and Pin the Tiara on the Princess, so why not? 
  9. Watch the movie Luther. I’ve not seen it so I can’t vouch for it, but Amazon says that it is an “epic, ravishingly beautiful (The New York Times) film that traces Luther's extraordinary and exhilarating quest for the people's liberation.” Apparently, it’s even been compared to The Passion of the Christ.
  10. Eat some candy anyway. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

Have fun, and don’t forget a time of prayer thanking the Lord for Martin Luther and his courage.

{I am weary, friends, and I apologize for the repeat post. This post originally appeared on October 15, 2012.}

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  1. I thought I had read all your posts but did not remember this one until I got to the movie promo and then I saw your "weary" comment. I'm bearing with you in your weariness and pray for your strength. We home-schooled 4 back in the Pioneer days. :) I know of what you speak. Nonetheless, I appreciate the repeat post and the reminder of the "Luther" movie! Will look it up!

    1. p.s. Found the movie on youtube and really enjoyed it.

  2. Lots of great ideas.
    We allow our kids to dress up, but I have pretty strict rules of the "type" of costumes they can wear. I don't allow witches, devils, or things of an evil or scary nature. And as I typically don't buy candy throughout the year, I look forward to the bags of candy they collect. As mom I have to go thorough the candy and make sure it's all safe and remove anything the kids do not need (my favorites).

    I have not seen the movie Luther, but we do have the book, which we have not yet read. Thanks for the reminder, I think I will pull it out and read it through then share it with the kiddos.

    Hope you have a great week.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you re-posted this!! I didn't know about your blog last year so I hadn't read it before. :) (But prayers for your weariness.) I just this year realized this year that Reformation Day is the same day as Halloween, so I was thinking this direction; what a neat post!! (And I have a sweet tooth, too.... I read that candy or honey can symbolize how sweet the Word of the Lord is--I think that's actually a pretty beautiful symbol! :) )

  4. I never did read it before, since I hadn't found your blog yet, so I'm glad you posted it - Reformation Day can use some more publicity!


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