Friday, August 23, 2013

The Week Where Life Explodes ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Has life just seemed to explode for you recently? Like you’ve been jiggling and juggling a can of pop for a while, and the whole thing just finally erupted?

Me too.

So, I’ll remind myself, and you as well, of The Most Important Thing.

“Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!” ~ Psalm 46:10

Take a deep breath. It’s Friday!

In our homeschool this week… I was blessed to tears to hear my 13yo say she wanted more health and anatomy. Apparently, our regular Abeka curriculum just wasn’t enough for her. 

Thanks to the suggestions of Facebook friends {Thanks, friends!}, we ended up ordering Apologia. I’m looking forward to the trial run. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll want to switch over next year.

Even better, I get to meet the author, Jeannie Fulbright, at the American Christian Fiction Writers conference next month. We’ve been exchanging emails and critiques, and I’m going to get her autograph! J

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… I have thought for quite some time about changing Friday’s post theme to something that might be more helpful or encouraging to you. The Homeschool Mother’s Journal seems rather self-focused even though I make an effort to offer something of value to you.

However, this is my children’s favorite post every week. And if this post excites and encourages my children to see and appreciate God’s blessings in our lives, then I will happily continue it.

Now, here’s how all that might benefit you. J If you do a post like this, or even if you just jot down your happenings in a digital journal, print it out, photos also, and put the pages in a pretty binder. The 13yo did a scrapbook-y cover on the computer, and now we add weekly to our family’s journal.

Someday, when the children are grown and moved out, I’ll retrieve it from the shelf, sit in my rocker with a cup of hot tea, and cry over how wonderful the days were.

Places we’re going… Back to our regular library days. The children were so excited they wrote some poetry. J

On the blog this week…

How was your week?

If there's a Lilla Rose product you've had your eye on, it might be on sale now ... and discontinued later.

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  1. Who knows Meghan maybe she'll want to be a midwife or an RN before coming a mama. :-). Would you be okay with that if that was what she wanted?

    1. We've talked with her about praying about what God would have for her, Danielle, and, of course, we pray as well. I've talked about nursing and even medical school, but she seems adamant that she isn't interested in something "gross." It's curious that she loves health and anatomy but doesn't have any interest in a job that involves that. I love the midwife idea. That would be a great combination of her interest in health and her love of babies! Thank you for the suggestion!

    2. Oh good. I'm a firm believer in everyone has a calling, and not everyone is called necessarily to be home. If that we're the case, there would be no Christian doctors, midwives/nurses. I'd love to be a midwife. There are no midwifery schools around here, basically you would become an RN, and then specialize in midwifery, I'm not even sure.

      Maybe your daughter will change her mind on it as she gets a little order. I loved all things medical as a child, but was always told I wasn't smart enough. I loved my parents, just they weren't very supportive.

    3. If she gets married and is blessed with children, then we're teaching that they are her first responsibility. Of course, some jobs can be worked around that. But not everyone gets married, and some don't have babies because of infertility, etc. The future is so fuzzy and far away at this point that we're just talking through a number of different options and seeking the Lord's will.

      My heart aches for your lack of encouragement, Danielle. My husband was also very interested in medicine and grew up just over an hour away from a well-known medical school, but he never pursued it because of a lack of support.

  2. We love Apologia! I hope your children enjoy it as much as mine do. And, how wonderful that you'll be getting Jeannie's autograph!

    I felt much the same way about my weekly wrap-up posts. I never wanted to feel like I'm saying "hey look at what we did in comparison to what you have done" to others, because that was never my intent. My blog started as a photo journal of our homeschooling for our relatives and friends who live far away and look how far the Lord has taken it-- I have gotten to meet such wonderful friends as you! :-) My kids so enjoy the post each week, as well.

    1. You're sweet, Lisa, and, of course, you're right. These Homeschool Mother's Journals bring us together, don't they? Glad to count you as my friend! :)

  3. Truly one of the wonderful things about homeschooling---allowing our children to dive in to an area that interests them. Our 11 yo son wants to build a solar panel, so my husband the homeschool science teacher, has decided this will be his science for the semester. We love it when our children ENJOY learning and take an active role in their education.

    As for college, we want our children to pursue the path God has for them. I must admit that college is a bit frightening though. We must be careful about the colleges our children attend. Many are nothing more than a pagan training ground (in my opinion).

    When not building a solar panel, we love Apologia science too!!

    1. I agree with you on college, Michelle. Moving away to a "regular" college is completely unacceptable. That's what I did, and I do not want that for any of my children. Our group of churches has some terrific Bible colleges. And, my husband is on the faculty of a community college, so he would be right there on campus. Plus, many of the classes are online. Caution, yes. Prayer, definitely! Blessings to you, and enjoy that solar panel! :)

  4. Another great post...looks like school is going well!

    1. Yes, Val, going well and getting busier. When do we get to sleep again? :)

  5. Replies
    1. She has a knack for writing little rhymes like that off the top of her head, making it look so easy. :) Thanks, Lucinda!


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