Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Incredible Yumminess of Peanut Butter Bars {I’m a Contributor at Blessed at Home!}

It’s perhaps the most perfect blend of rich, gooey goodness. A melt-in-your-mouth take-a-drink-of-milk-with-every-bite yummy blend of peanut butter and chocolate. As if that isn’t enough wonderfulness, the children can make them. Bonus!

They sound great, don’t they? But to get the recipe you’ll need to hop over to Hope in Every Season


Y’all know Mrs. Sarah Coller of Hope in Every Season, right? She blogs about homemaking, crafting, recipes, and also hosts some great link-ups. And when you’re on her blog, the pointer drops those cool star thingies. I’m absolutely sure that’s the technical term. J

It’s not just a guest post, though. Sarah has been so gracious as to ask me to be one of her contributors every Wednesday for her Blessed at Home posts. I’ll still post original material here, but you can also find a great multi-author blog post over there.

I so much appreciate your time spent here, and enjoy those ooey-gooey Peanut Butter Bars! I'll be hopping over for the other recipes, so I'll see you at Blessed at Home!

I know I crow about the Lilla Rose flexi, but did you know they sell cute bobby pins also? 
Three new styles are on sale today {Wednesday} only! J

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  1. Yay to being a contributor :) Looking forward to reading your posts!!!

    1. Thank you, Bibi, and thanks for leaving a comment on Sarah's blog as well! :)

  2. hmmmm...looked for the recipe to no avail. :(
    where could it be, I wonder.
    Help this ole gal when you have a spare minute please.
    A spare minute! Haa! If I have to wait for you to have one of those, then I'll get help in about 20 years. Oh well, I'll dream about those bars till then!

    1. These bars are good enough, they're worth the spare minute, Debbie! :) The recipe was part of my contribution to Blessed at Home, a feature on Sarah Coller's blog, Hope in Every Season. I'm contributing there every Wednesday now. Here's the link to the recipes --


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