Friday, March 15, 2013

The Week Where We Touch Dolphins on Spring Break ~ Homeschool Week Wrap-Up

Happy Spring {Break}!

In my life this week…

I've been MIA on Facebook this week, I know. Why?

Vacation! Everybody needs time off sometimes. A change of scenery. A different perspective.
All that chaos from last week? Part of it was preparation for a week in Florida!

In our homeschool this week…

A week-long field trip disguised as vacation!

We have …

~ seen an octopus.

{The octopus was in this tank, but the picture was too dark to put on the blog.}

~ touched dolphins.

~ been splashed by orcas and dolphins.

~ petted mucousy-feeling rays.

~ experienced the physics of centrifugal force and G-forces on the roller coasters.
~ listened to a talk about the benefits of feeding gelatin to killer whales.

~ walked with flamingos.

~ came eye-to-eye with a walrus.

~ laughed at the antics of the sea lions and their trainers.

~ watched beluga whales use their blow holes to create bubble rings and then play with them.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

You’re smart, and you already know this. But I’ll say it anyway ~ make your vacations into homeschool field trips, at least for a couple of days.

My favorite thing this week was…

Walking through the aquariums and exhibits at SeaWorld and listening to my children tell me all about the various sea creatures. They already knew a lot from their homeschool science.

I’m reading…

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck. I love bringing books on vacation since there’s usually extra reading time in the evening, not to mention the umpteen hours of drive time from home to Orlando.

This one? Love. It.

I’m cooking…

Very little! One of the things I love most about vacations and especially the Dine-All-Day Deal at SeaWorld….

I’m grateful for…

A family that loves to travel.

And Lilla Rose flexi clips that keep my hair up and neat, even under my sun hat!

Yep, it's a dolphin!

How was your week? What are your Spring Break plans?

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  1. I just looked up the book The Wedding Dress. Oooo--it looks good! Love the dolphin clip, too. :) NEAT field trip! Book learning is good, but experiences "stick" in their own unique way.

    1. I'm so sorry for my delayed response here, but our trip home was long and fraught with much construction traffic. Internet access was iffy.

      Yes, the book is excellent -- not really a typical romance. And vacation is always wonderful. Thanks for visiting, Christa!

  2. Question... How do you and your girls do roller coasters in skirts? It's something that I've been wondering since I started wearing skirts full-time, but thankfully it hasn't come up yet. However, I expect it to come up soon, so I would be really interested in how you do it.

    Your vacation looks like it was wonderful, and what a testimony to homeschooling that your kids can learn everywhere, not just "in the classroom".

    1. It really just depends on the roller coaster. At SeaWorld, there is a water boat ride that you have to step over the side of the boat to board. So your skirt there would need to be full enough to get over the side of a boat, perhaps 15 inches tall? Most roller coasters have a hump that goes in between your legs, a safety device I suppose so that you don't slide out. In that case, your skirt would need to be full enough so that you can spread your legs enough over that divider. I wore a denim peasant skirt that didn't give me any problem. My daughters wear more narrow skirts, and my 13yo said she had to pull her skirt up a bit but not too far. As far as a skirt blowing around, you're usually being propelled forward so quickly that the skirt is pushed against you. It won't blow up. :) I hope that helps and that I didn't make you blush. :) Thanks for asking, Jessica.

  3. Such a wonderful field trip to solidify the knowledge your children have gained, plus to explore more! So glad you were able to go as a family!

  4. It sounds like it was absolutely splendid and I LOVE your flexi-clip! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks like that (I'm planning on bringing my starfish one to the beach next time we make it to Oregon).

    In Christ,

    1. I thought everyone planned their clothes and accessories around their travels and activities, Melissa! :) LR also makes a sea turtle clip that is adorable. I wished I'd had that one as well!

  5. I remember touching dolphins when we lived in San Diego. I was squealing about it for the rest of the day. They felt just like I expected them to.

    Heidi @

    1. Yes, kind of like tough rubber. They aren't squishy! Thanks for commenting, Heidi.

  6. Meghan thanks for linking this and I wish I had been there to touch the dolphins!


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