Monday, November 19, 2012

Ten Useless Bits of Information about Me ~ The Liebster Award

No one really seems to know the origins or the exact rules of the Liebster Award. But I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the two bloggers who passed it on to me, and it just looked kinda fun.

This award has been passed on to me by both Angie at Womanhood with Purpose and Rosilind at A Little R&R.

Apparently, the award is passed to blogs that have less than 200 to 300 followers to provide an opportunity for us smaller blogs to get to know each other. I have so enjoyed reading the answers from Angie and Rosilind.

So, on to the rules ~~
Post 11 things about yourself.
Answer the questions that have been posted by the people who gave you the award.
Create 11 questions you want your nominees to answer.
Pass this award on to three to five other blogs.
Let them know that you've given them the award!

I’m tweaking the rules just a bit because I’ve received questions from two bloggers. Altogether, you’ll still get 22 completely useless answers from me.

Ten things you may not know about me ~~
  1. I’m totally nervous over changing the rules like I just did, because I am a completely obsessive rule follower.
  2. I love bluegrass. When I’m in the van by myself, I like to sing along with Ricky Skaggs (his albums after his conversion), adding in all the twang I can muster.
  3. I love color and painted walls, but I’m so afraid of making the wrong color decision that I typically don’t do anything at all.
  4. I’m adopted.
  5. I found my birth mother when I was in college. She lives on the other side of the country from me, and we stay in touch mostly through email.
  6. I can appreciate ruffles and high heels, but I’m not a girly girl.
  7. I don’t like roller coasters. In fact, after my one time on the Manta at SeaWorld, I had to sit for several minutes to get my equilibrium back.
  8. I love the outdoors, but I enjoy it best through the floor-to-ceiling windows of a luxury cabin. (All it took was one tick bite to turn me off of camping!)
  9. When I was a child, I tasted cat food. My brother told me it was good, but I refused to try the dog food.
  10. I like to make funny faces for my children but never for anyone else. 
For the sake of keeping this brief and not boring you with too much about me, I’ve chosen 12 questions from Angie and Rosilind’s lists.
  1. Your favorite color. Green – almost any shade as long as it isn’t too yellow-y.
  2. Your favorite drink. Gold Peak iced tea – full ice, half unsweetened on the bottom, half sweetened on top. But I’m not picky. J
  3. Skirt or jeans? Used to be jeans, although I never really liked them. Now, through a series of events too long to tell here, skirts.
  4. Favorite book in the Bible. Philippians. It’s incredible how joyful the Apostle Paul was while sitting in prison.
  5. How long have you been blogging? I started my blog about a year and a half ago, but I’ve only been serious about it since April. Now, I enjoy it so much that I wish I’d hopped on the bandwagon years ago.
  6. Favorite hobby. Reading. Or is it writing? I think it might be sewing. Definitely spending time with my husband and children.
  7. Favorite Pet? None. Waaaay too allergic for critters.
  8. What is your favorite season? Winter. I love the beauty and hush of snow, the cozy warmth of sweaters and coats, rosy cheeks from the cold, hot chocolate and cookies, crackling fires, no bugs, no sweating, no risk of skin cancer.
  9. If you could speak another language fluently which language would you choose? Do I have to choose one? French always sounds so lyrical and lilting. German has so many cool, clunky sounds in it. And the letters in Russian look just plain cool.
  10. What is the most interesting job that you've ever had? Baskin Robbins when I was 15. My right arm became twice as muscular as my left. And yes, I did taste all 431 flavors!
  11. Do you play an instrument? Piano, but not as good as my self-taught 12-year-old. Viola through college. Now still a bit, but I’ve lost a lot of skill.
  12. Is it pop, Soda or Coke? Pop. But Coca-Cola is always Coke.
Now, I pass this award on to these blogs ~~

Mary Reed, Womanto Woman
Marissa, ReadingList
Crystal, ServingJoyfully
Michelle, A Mother's Nest

My questions for them ~~
  1. If you could be any animal, which one would you be?
  2. What is your dream vacation?
  3. What is your favorite Bible story?
  4. What was your favorite subject in school?
  5. What is the best part of blogging?
  6. Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction?
  7. Outside of the Bible, what is your favorite book?
  8. Coke or Pepsi?
  9. Glass half full or glass half empty?
  10. What is your favorite season?
  11. Polka dots, stripes, or floral?

Thanks so much for visiting today, my lovely readers! I’m sure the other bloggers would love a visit as well.

To which blogs would you pass this award? Pick a question (or two…or all) and leave your answers. I would love to get to know you better!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your answers :)

  2. Another bluegrass lover! Most people I talk to have never even heard of bluegrass :) My family and I have a bluegrass band and I love that my kids are growing up learning to appreciate the music as well.

    1. Bluegrass rocks! Wait a minute, that doesn't sound quite right... :) So neat that your children are learning to play. Sounds fun!

  3. Meghan, I loved reading your answers and getting to know you a little better! I was raised in the south and was brought up on it! I also played the viola through college. It's been a number of years since I've even picked it up. I imagine I'd be a little screechy these days. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping in at Woman to Woman!
    Blessings to you, my friend!

    1. We probably match. We should do a screechy duet together! It's always fun to know someone else who plays the viola. Come to think of it, it's neat just to meet someone who knows what a viola is! Thanks, Mary.

  4. I just hopped over from the Thankful Homemaker...I am right after you on the Linkup :-) I've seen you somewhere in the blogisphere and love your smile. You are definitely someone I would LOVE to be friends with...guess I am going on'outward' appearances.

    I love reading your lists from the Liebster Award. I did one recently. I love skirts, but used to love it is jean-skirts when I am not all dressed up. Well, I have to run, talk to you again sometime ;-)

    Oh...I'd love to read your if you'd stop by my place tomorrow I should have by linkup up over at WholeHearted Home. I don't usually say this on comments but I really would like to visit you again and that is the best way for me to find time.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and generous words, Judith! We'll just have to settle for the blogosphere's version of sitting down to share over a cup of coffee. I put your link-up on my list, and I'll check it out tomorrow.

  5. Fun to read this, Meghan. My husband also worked at Baskin Robbins when we were both going to college. We were married then and not Christians, so he sometimes "made mistakes" so we could eat them. I always love to hear stories about adopted children and birth mothers...maybe you've written about this. If not, I'm sure others would love to hear your story.

    1. Oh Gail, I didn't think about how that sounded! At that particular Baskin Robbins, the owner let us have whatever we wanted as long as there weren't any customers and everything was clean and stocked up. I worked mostly the after-school shift, and there weren't many customers coming in at 3:30 in the afternoon. I got to read a lot while I waited for the after-work crowd. And my tastes were truly tastes, just a sample of the different flavors on one of those little taster spoons as they rotated the flavors throughout the year.

      I have not written about being adopted, I think because it just seemed so normal for me and I hadn't really thought of it as an interesting topic. But now you have me thinking. I'll pray about it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I would love to hear your story about being adopted. My husband and I are planning to adopt when finances allow, and her has some reservations because most of the adopted people he knows are barely in contact with their families anymore and it worries him that once or child turns 18 we will barely ever see it again. So I would love to have some happier endings to share with him! I'm assuming your story is pleasant because from your blog you seem like a wonderful, well adjusted lady :)

    3. You've been all over the blog today, Rachel! So glad you visited. I've been brainstorming how to write about being adopted and so many of my ideas include general parenting as well. Still praying, but thanks for your interest...and your compliment! :)

  6. So much fun to read and get to know you better ;)
    Thanks for accepting! and linking!
    Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks, Angie, for sending it on. It's a bit odd to come up with a list of things about me my readers don't know, but I asked my family and I think they rather enjoyed it.

  7. Meghan,
    I enjoyed reading a little about you...& I love the idea of this award! What a fun way to meet other people and get to know them:)
    Many blessings to you,

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dinah! Blessings to you in your travels!

  8. I love Philippians, too! I love all of the Pauline letters - they are some of my favorite books of the Bible. Thank you for linking up!


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