Friday, November 2, 2012

Harvest Party & Dirt Pudding with Worms ~ Homeschool Mother’s Journal

Happy November! Are you soaking up all this Autumn joy?

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Sometimes a homeschooling mama just needs to relax. There are so many other important things to learn in addition to multiplication tables and the different kinds of rocks and diagramming sentences. {Although diagramming sentences is so fun you don’t want to skip that! Seriously.} Your children learn about living out their faith and serving others, as well as general life lessons, by…

~ changing the baby’s clothes
~ cleaning up breakfast
~ entertaining the Littles while you work with a Big on school work
~ holding hands while traversing a parking lot
~ planning party games for other children to enjoy
~ filling treat bags
~ running through phonics flash cards with a beginning reader
~ coloring birthday pictures for Grandma

How many more could we list? You get the idea. Even when you think they aren’t learning, they are.

In our homeschool this week…

You may remember my post agonizing over what to do with Halloween. Then I did some research and discovered Reformation celebrations. Since October 31 was on Wednesday this year and we usually have a Wednesday evening service, our family put together a little harvest pizza party. Our children’s favorite part was putting together games and filling treat bags.

They put together a bowling game where each cup had a piece of candy in it. Knock the cup over – get the candy.

They ran a shell game. Guess which cup and get the candy.

They decorated a fishing game. Each time the hook was lowered, guess what? Candy!

I’m cooking…

Dirt pudding for our harvest party. What fun! It’s a new request of our boys for their birthday dessert. I found the recipe on but altered the presentation just a bit for my glass bowl and gummy worms.

½ cup butter, softened
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
½ cup powdered sugar
2 (3.5 ounce) packages instant vanilla pudding mix
3 ½ cups milk
1 (12 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
32 ounces chocolate sandwich cookies with crème filling

Chop cookies very fine. (I used my Pampered Chef chopper.)
Mix butter, cream cheese, and sugar.
In a separate bowl, mix milk, pudding, and whipped topping.
Combine pudding mixture and cream cheese mixture together.
Layer in glass dish, starting with cookies and then cream mixture. Repeat layers until all is used.
Chill until ready to serve.
Just prior to serving, add one last layer of crushed cookies and arrange gummy worms on top.

Things I’m working on…

Proper credit to bloggers who host link-ups. As a newbie blogger, I’ve been in a muddle for a while over how to make this happen. Putting each link into each individual post was rather time-consuming. But not every reader pops over to a link-up page. Some bloggers have mentioned a link in the side bar, but that doesn’t satisfy everyone. I understand that, because not everyone will scroll down the sidebar. I definitely want to give credit where credit is due, and I owe tons to those link-ups. Most of you wouldn’t be reading this without them.

So, I’ve minimized each button and put it in the bottom of each post. That way each link-up will appear with each post whether I’ve actually linked up or not. Those blog hop hostesses deserve a ginormous thanks!

I’m grateful for…

The Indianapolis Christian Writers Conference. It’s filled with terrific sessions, it’s affordable, and it’s close. It’s also today and tomorrow. I can learn about writing devotionals, non-fiction articles, and writing fiction {my dream!}. I hope to connect with other writers and meet with the incredible Dr. Dennis Hensley, director of the professional writing program at Taylor University and author of 53 books.

A husband who gladly stays with the children so I can attend the Indianapolis Christian Writers Conference. J

I’m praying for…

God’s will in my writing endeavors. Whatever He wills, that I will do.

How was your week? Do you stress out over not getting the book work done? Or do you relax when the schedule is filled with special activities?

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  1. That lion costume is so adorable...we don't do Halloween either, but wanted to get one for my son just to dress up in since he's always had lion stuff...but couldn't find one in a 4T!

    Blessings from your run-on-sentence-writing friend,

    Mrs. Sarah Coller :) :) :)

    1. Your sentence was great, and I'm so glad you left it in a comment, Sarah!

  2. Way to go on the blog hop credit. Thanks for linking up with me last week at HammockTracks.

    1. I've been wanting to do that for a while, but it just takes time. I appreciate all that you blog hostesses do, Savannah!

  3. I love your "priorities list!" We can all use a dose of rest from the academic routine once in a while to focus on what really matters!

  4. I love Dirt Pudding, it is always so fun! Additionally, I whole-heartedly agree that allowing children to participate in household chores and younger sibling care is such a lovely and helpful way to teach them not only the skills that they will need when they are grown, but also how serve others in a loving way and to be an important part of the family community. Bravo!
    Thanks for linking up with us over at Ladies holiday! Http://
    Bright Blessings,

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and your hard work with providing the link-up, Tamar.

  5. We choose to celebrate Reformation Day also! I'm glad you discovered that option. We had a quiet celebration this year as opposed to last year when we had 30 people in our home celebrating with us.

    Your picture of the baby lion was absolutely adorable!

    I also love dirt pudding! I'm thankful you posted a recipe so that we can do that soon.

    I appreciated your priorities list as well. I have taken a whole day off of traditional school just to focus on those sorts of things of things.

    1. Thirty people is quite a crew. Hope you had adequate space! I think the dirt pudding was enjoyed by the adults, but the children were so excited about the candy that they didn't care. It looked good, anyway. Thanks for visiting!

  6. I do the same - I place small buttons at the bottom of my weekly blog posts. I combine lots of the hops into one post each week and so this makes sense to me. I also will mention the blog for something more specific in my posts with the link (such as a "borrowed" idea). It's always nice to give a shout out!

    What a cute lion! :)

    Dirt pudding sounds and looks so fun! It would be perfect for something "spring"! Perhaps my daughter's birthday in mid-March?

    I'm all for more traditional school days with a (flexible) schedule, goals and textbooks, but sometimes we're having a challenging day or activities...and on those days we get to the basics (Language Arts and Math) and move on.

    1. Agreed -- perfect for spring! Hadn't thought of that! I've seen pictures of it with plastic flowers stuck down in the top. Thanks for visiting.

  7. So true - I can teach my daughter so much better through everyday activities. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Historically, that's been the primary source of education. Who are we to think that that was all wrong? Thanks so much for visiting!

  8. Love this idea. It will make a great snack for my Wednesday night Mpact Girls Ministry club meetings. Pre K through 5th grade girls will go for "worms" too. Love to have you share this on my Wicked Good Wednesday Blog Party at .

    1. You'll probably hear a lot of "eewww" as they gobble up the worms! Thanks so much for visiting, and I'll check out your link-up, Sheryl.

  9. That is my favorite dessert. I could eat the whole bowl. How? I have a hollow leg, ask my friends they know it's true :) Anyways, I just love your blog and I am so glad that you link up at Mom's Library!

    1. I think the children were more interested in the candy than the dirt pudding. Wish you had been there to finish it off! Thanks, Janine!

  10. You had me at dirt!!! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

  11. O, I will make the dirt pudding! What a cute dessert. I think my childs love it! ( welcome on my new photoblog about daily life from a Dutch family )

    1. Always glad when you stop by! Enjoy your pudding!

  12. Oh what fun, FUN ideas!!!! I have to say, I hated diagramming sentences. Seriously hated it...and my mom made us diagram HUNDREDS of them. But, God has a reason for everything. When I began learning Croatian, I fell back on those lessons. Had I not learned to diagram sentences, it is anyone's guess if I would have ever learned to speak Croatian. Croatian is a horribly difficult language and without a good foundation of English grammar it would be nearly impossible to learn it adequately. :) God really does have a reason for everything - even diagramming sentences! :)

    1. That's a terrific story, Rosilind. The difficult and miserable times can be what's best for us in the end as long as we trust the Lord. So glad you visited today!


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