Thursday, September 13, 2012

On Our Twentieth Anniversary

It's not often, but I do have moments of seriousness and mush. Our twentieth wedding anniversary was yesterday, and I thought about writing a post about how my Mr. is the greatest husband on the face of the earth, how I appreciate his love and support and encouragement through all my hare-brained ideas, how terrific a father he is, how I love watching his muscles ripple as he pushes the vacuum lawnmower. I enjoy reading all the blogs of women who write love letters to their husbands. Their words make me appreciate my husband more.

But the more I blog the more I realize I just need to laugh. And since this blog has changed so much in the past year and most of you weren’t even aware of my existence this time last year, I’m repeating, with updates, my post from our nineteenth wedding anniversary. Life just hasn’t changed that much. Except maybe more chaos. J

I didn't want to make this picture so big, but I probably ought to keep up what has become my standard format.

On Our Twentieth Anniversary

Me:      So?
Mr.:     So what?
Me:      So, do you want to do anything?
Mr.:     What, for our anniversary?
Me:      Yeah, twenty years. Should we do anything? Go out?
Mr.:     Go out? Where?
Me:      I don’t know. Just go out. Without the children.
Mr.:     No children? Just us?
Me:      Yeah. Married people do that sometimes.
Mr.:     Where would we go?
Me:      I don’t know. Out to eat.
Mr.:     A steakhouse?
Me:      I don’t know. You grill steaks a lot at home.
Mr.:     Yeah. Hamburgers?
Me:      On our anniversary?
Mr.:     Okay. Point taken. Italian?
Me:      I fixed spaghetti and meatballs just the other night.
Mr.:     I know. So, what then? Stay home and watch a movie?
Me:      I guess. We could put the children in bed early and watch something together, just you and me.
Mr.:     Okay. Like what?
Me:      I don’t know. We’ve seen all of our movies a million times already.
Mr.:     We could go to the library and find something new.
Me:      The library? Really? You want to pack all six children into the van, drive to the library, get all six children out of the van, watch them in the library while we choose a movie, keep the three-year-old and the one-year-old from knocking everything off the shelves, then pack them back in the van and drive home? All we would bring home would be Swiss Family Robinson and Baby Einstein anyway.
Mr.:     Yeah, you’re right. So, what do we do?
Me:      I need to write some checks to pay some bills, and I just started sewing a skirt yesterday. I could work on that.
Mr.:     Okay. I’ve been noticing that the garage needs cleaned out, and our kitchen faucet is starting to drip.
Me:      So?
Mr.:     So, happy twenty years. *smooch*

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  1. Dear Meghan, thank you for this post! I am still laughing :-D We have very similar conversation with my husband every year... Have a great day! S.

  2. Awww...Happy 20 years together!

  3. oh, my!! This sounds just like my DH and I. So funny!!! I give him the same answers about going out to eat. I prefer to eat at home. Sometimes I just make his day by giving him a back rub. :) when we don't forget our anniversary.

    One year, we both remembered it after it had passed. :)

  4. That is too cute! That sounds just like my husband and me. It is just much easier to stay home isn't it?? :) Happy Anniversary!

    1. With six children, it really is easier to stay home. Thanks, Kayla!


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