Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kitchen Creations: English Muffin Pizzas

There’s just something about school starting that cries out for a hot lunch, especially a fun lunch the children can make themselves. That’s called home ec, right? J

These are incredibly easy to pop into the toaster oven. Or, if you’re making more than six, you can put them in the oven. (Unless you have a super-ginormous toaster oven!)

You’ll need ~
English muffins
Pizza sauce
Shredded mozzarella cheese
Optional toppings like pepperoni

The how-to is so easy and obvious that I feel ridiculous even giving instructions! Here goes anyway ~

Tear or slice the English muffins in halves, however you want to accomplish that.

(Money-saving tip: Buy oodles of English muffins when they go on sale 10-for-$10-get-the-11th-free at Meijer. The price then comes out to 90c per package. They will keep in the refrigerator for a few weeks, or they can be frozen. We usually buy 22 packages and then eat them with jam or egg quiche for breakfast as well as these pizzas for lunch.)

Spoon on the sauce.

My twelve-year-old is fixing these.

It's always a challenge to keep the little snitchers out of the cheese!

Top with desired toppings and cheese. We’ve found that it works better to pile the cheese in the middle rather than spread it out to the edges. As it melts, it will spread anyway.

Our toaster oven holds six.
Toast until the cheese is golden. (For our ancient toaster oven, this is two toasts.)

Be careful removing them ~ they’re hot.

These would also be good after-school snacks for those with a bottomless-pit stomach!

Do your children fix their own lunch? Do you prefer hot or cold lunches during the school day?

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  1. We love English muffin pizzas, too! They are so versatile.

    1. So glad you stopped by, Trisha. Your blog looks amazing!

  2. LOL! I shared an "English muffin pizza" post today too (with the same idea of easy school-day lunch). Guess it was a good idea if more than one mom thought of the idea! ;D These look really yummy and simple!

    1. Thanks, Shari! "Great minds think alike," right? Hopping over to see your now....

  3. This is one of my favorite recipes! Wish I had some right now! Looks delish! :)

    1. Good idea -- late night snack! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. HELLO! I am your newest follower! Love your blog!!!

    1. Thanks for following, Ashley, but where can I find you now? Your blog is gone! Please let me know!

  5. These are my favorite. We love them. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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