Monday, July 23, 2012

Q4U: What do you do when you hear that little whisper?

You and your husband have been attending a large church in your town at the invitation of some friends. The people are nice, the pews are plush, and the coffee is rich and full-flavored. Your friend has also given you a Bible which you think makes a nice accent on your coffee table, especially since you’re now a church-goer.

As you’re in the kitchen preparing your special cream-cheese-and-brownie dessert for a game night with some other couples, you mentally review the interesting story you heard about a friend’s infidelity. You can’t wait to share it with your friend at the game night and see the look on her face. Your reverie is interrupted by bad language on the television program in the adjoining living room area. When you look over to see what show it is, you see that your husband is staring intently at a program filled with babes in bikinis. You pause in your mixing, feeling a funny little whispering sensation that makes you uncomfortable. It’s a discomfort you’ve felt before but always chosen to ignore. 

You –

  1. Rub your neck and then crack the eggs into the bowl. You smile as you make a mental note to call your chiropractor, the one who has those amazing eyes just like your favorite movie star.
  2. Call to your husband to turn up the television. You certainly won’t be able to hear any annoying whispering over that show.
  3. Pause to listen, wondering why in the world you keep having that sensation.
  4. Remember what the pastor said a few weeks ago about how God hears you anytime, anywhere, and decide to give it a try. You suppose it could be Him.

What would you do? Are there other options?

(This one is all fiction, friends. I’ve just been pondering recently how we all respond differently to the moments in life when we hear That Whisper. I’d love for you to share your answer or story in the comments below. Then, click on through to Do You Live in a Bleak House? Ten Reasons to Get Right With God.)

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  1. Hi this is a very interesting post and it really gives you something to think about. It is always better to go with your gut instinct because you will regret it in the future.
    I am following you from the Naptime Review Hop and hope you follow back.

    1. I'm glad it made you think, Jillian, and I'm glad you listened to that whisper about your son! (Great post, btw.)

  2. Ouch. My stomach dropped thinking you were about to share a story on pornography. I've read that the statistics for men in the church are unbelievably high! We need to keep each other accountable so if I found myself in that position, I'd turn off the tv, say something to my husband immediately about how I felt and phone a counselor! Just saying....Thanks for sharing with us at No Ordinary Blog Hop. Every blessing, Kelly

  3. Perhaps I didn't choose my words carefully enough! I thought it would be a simple question about listening to the Holy Spirit trying to draw us to God and why some people respond and some don't. Oh, well.... I do appreciate your strong stand, though, on what you thought the question was about. :) Thanks for your fervency in standing for Right.


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