Friday, July 27, 2012

Beyond the Superficiality

(I’m returning today to Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker. It’s a flash mob of writers writing for five minutes with stopping to edit. If you’d like to join in, just head over to Gypsy Mama. This Friday’s prompt is beyond.)

The pleasantries are difficult. Always have been.

“How are you today?”

“What do you think of this heat?”

“What was the traffic like?”

I’m not adept at navigating the shallow waters of small talk. I can flounder and flail and drown in one inch of small talk.

But beyond the small talk, once we are comfortable, once we are trusting, my talking partner and I, once we move beyond and wade into the deeper waters, I can tread water. Freestyle.

“I’m really having a hard time with….”

“My husband told me the other day….. And I know I need to submit, but it’s hard.”

“I’m concerned about…. What do you think?”

Beyond the superficiality is a deep blueness that refreshes and rejuvenates and revives.

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  1. Really recognizable! And what a beautiful picture, your sea is more blue than ours.

    1. It's not a sea. It's Lake Superior! Very big, very clear, very beautiful, and very cold. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Many couples never tread into these deeper, more refreshing waters, Meghan. So glad that you and your hubby are plunging into the flood. Great post! And by the way, I had a hard time finding you after you commented at my blog. I'd love for your name to include a link back to your blog when you comment. Just sayin' cuz I like to stay in touch! :)

    1. Thanks, Beth. I'm not sure how to link properly when it's not an obvious blogger blog, but it's been bothering me that it hasn't been working. Google, here I come!


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