Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 Things I Learned in Children’s Church

1. Keep your hands still and in your own lap during church.

2. We have all been called to be servants.

3. I can be a servant by being kind to someone new, holding the door open for someone (especially someone with gray hair!), letting someone else go first (especially someone with gray hair!), and picking up trash.

Story-telling with flair
4. Being a servant isn’t easy.

5. If I’m quiet, I might get a prize.

6. It’s important to pay attention in adult church.

The Princess

7. Missionaries need money just like the rest of us. Go collect as much as you can and give.

My children aiming water balloons at the Davis's
(Holly, Benjamin, and Samuel on the left - Laura on the right)

The final program

Thanks, Gene and Angie Davis, for reminding me of these timeless truths! 


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  1. We LOVED our time at camp with all of you. Looking forward to seeing you again!

  2. (And you only need to have your hands in your lap if you're tempted to poke your neighbor during prayer...) :D

  3. Angie, we had a great time in children's church -- just as edifying as adult church! Thanks for using your talents for the Lord!


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