Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Open Letter to Gucci, Advertising Division

Dear Gucci,

Your advertisement for Gucci Guilty perfume ought to be wrapped in a brown paper sack.

As I was approaching the restroom at Macy’s yesterday, I was visually assaulted by many posters as well as a video screen. At first, I wasn’t sure from the advertisement what you were selling. But I could tell immediately that, whatever it was, my husband and young sons didn’t need it from the woman in the photo.

It was only after an examination of further advertisements in the cosmetics section that I was able to determine that the posters were advertising your perfume, Gucci Guilty.

I do commend you on an appropriate name selection. Someone somewhere in your organization must have gone to Sunday school once upon a time. But who is guilty? Is it the couple in the photo, baring all? Or is it you, the advertising decision-maker, for defiling the morality that holds a family, a nation, and a faith, together?

What you displayed as an advertisement for your perfume is meant by the Creator to be sacred and private, reserved for a husband and wife.

I have, upon occasion, admired your handbags. And, despite your prices, you may have won me over to a purchase if you had displayed at least a modicum of decency and thoughtfulness of the children and husbands frequenting the stores where your products are sold. Now, I can only express my regret with your advertising choices. (Once again, I am thankful that we do not have broadcast television in our home.)

I realize my voice is in the minority, and that grieves me. But I am hopeful – stupidly optimistic, many would say – that our culture will experience a revival, where God is exalted, the family is strengthened and revered, and faith is not only for the few.

Thank you for your time.

With much prayer,


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  1. Do you ever feel completely insulted by all the garbage that is pushed at us? I received JC Penney's Father's Day catalog yesterday, and they have now introduced a homosexual couple w/kids as models. After introducing the lesbian couple in the Mother's Day edition, I knew this would be next. Such a complete shame. Your letter to Gucci needs to be a common response from all of us who care. If we would become a force for rightousness, I think our impact would be felt.

    1. Yes, Stephanie, insulted, violated, disgusted, etc. I saw your blog posts about the Penney's catalog and can't remember if I commented. I suppose we ought not be surprised, but it still shocks me. Thanks so much for your comments. I often wonder if the culture would change if more people joined together in letters/actions/marches on Hollywood, but I think too many people feel defeated before they've even tried. (Like me!)

  2. lAST YEAR, WE moved to a new house. What a surprise to find a Victoria Secret's catalog in my mailbox every few weeks - the previous owners were customers I guess! So I had to call them and ask them to stop sending the catalogs (full of half naked girls - they don't look like women but under age girls!). The customer service rep asked me the reason for the cancellation. "I have a son. We don't need him looking at naked girls." Ugh!

    1. Good for you, Tereza! Our husbands and sons (and we, too, to be perfectly honest) need blinders in a world like this. Sometimes I long for the days when the only undergarments you would see were in the back of the general merchandise catalog, and then it was shameful for anyone but the female shopper to browse. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again!


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