Friday, April 13, 2012

Question: Do you forgive?

You are a twenty-something prosecutor whose career is defined by a refusal to plea bargain. In fact, the reason you became a prosecutor was the fatal shooting of your mother when you were a teenager. You blame yourself for not being at home that night but spending it with friends in a rebellious teenage fit. Now, your mother’s murderer is on death row and the date of his execution is coming quickly, although his lawyer is pursuing all options, even unethical ones, to stop the execution.

At the same time, the defense attorney who represented your mother’s killer is now, himself, indicted for murdering his wife. You, naturally, wish to lead the prosecution, but the facts are sketchy and the DA thinks the case is too personal for you.

You --

  1. Reluctantly attend the execution of your mother’s murderer, trying to ignore that little voice that tells you it is wrong and maybe the killer really is sincere in his spiritual conversion story.
  2. Seek the worst penalty available for the defense attorney, trying to ignore that little voice that tells you that you may just be wanting revenge for your mother.
  3. Trust everyone and everything.
  4. All of the above.

This isn’t my typical question, I know, and there’s a very good reason for that. I am reviewing The Last Plea Bargain by Randy Singer for the Tyndale Blog Network, and my stop on his blog tour is this coming Monday, April 16. He even has a trailer for the book. 

What’s so exciting for me is that Tyndale is allowing me to give away a book. I’ve never done a giveaway before! I know this effervescence is not my style. That’s how excited I am – and how much I loved his book.

My legal education + faith + inspirational legal suspense novel = BLISS

I hope this isn’t too bubbly for you! See my exclamation points?!!!!

Anyway, be sure to come back to the blog on Monday, April 16. I’ll be posting my review and giving away a book. I wasn’t sure how to figure out who should win, so I’ll follow the method so many others do when they have giveaways. Either “follow” or “join” my blog, and that will get you one entry in the hat. Leave a comment on Monday on the post of my review, and that will earn you another entry in the hat. {Yes, I’m a technological dork, so it will probably be a real hat.} If you already are a follower, you already have one entry.

For you ladies who read my blog and legal suspense isn’t really your cup of tea, why not try to win anyway? It might be a good gift for a husband, father, son, or brother.

Sound good? Does The Last Plea Bargain sound exciting? 

See you Monday!!! {Note more exclamation points!!!!!}


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