Friday, March 9, 2012

Question: What do you do when you are swindled?

You are on vacation on the coast. On your first full day there, you and your family walk along the boardwalk. A little ways down you come upon a pier with a restaurant and gift shop. In an effort to discover the way out to the pier, you go into the gift shop, only to find that it costs one dollar per person to walk out on the pier. As you pay your five dollars, your husband is browsing a couple of aisles over. You hand the man at the cash register a twenty dollar bill, trying to make small talk with him, watching your small children in a shop full of breakables, and hoping your husband doesn’t spot the bikini magnets, all at the same time. The man at the register hands back to you a couple of bills, a five on top. You put the bills in your billfold, eager to get out of the shop.

After your walk on the pier, you get in your car and proceed to lunch at a local restaurant. When it is time to pay, you pull out your billfold for the ten dollar bill you received in change at the pier. Alas, there is no ten dollar bill in your billfold. You realize that the man at the pier probably swindled you, handing back only two fives instead of the ten and the five that you should have received. Come to think of it, you did think he seemed a bit shady. And, due to your distractions, you did not realize that the change was inadequate at that time. 

Now, you –

  1. Berate him to everyone within ear shot at the restaurant and swear you will never return to that state again.
  2. Rush back to the gift shop and demand the adequate change, becoming incensed when the man denies any wrong-doing.
  3. Lament the evil in the world and pray for the gift shop man.
  4. Grouse about it to your spouse and use it as a learning experience, promising yourself that you won’t be so distracted again.
  5. Go back to the gift shop later when you think his shift will be over and surreptitiously tuck tracts on his shelves, around his merchandise, and under every single bikini magnet.

What would you do? Are there other options?

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  1. Nothing you can do about it now. Because he would probably say he didn't do it.If he realized what he was doing. all you can do is forgive and go on. Next time I would count my money before I leave. Maybe he thought you handed him a bill that was smaller than you did. Sometimes they don't pay attention to what is handed to them. Sorry !

    1. Yes, there would be no way to know if the wrong change was handed on purpose. And definitely a learning experience! Thanks, Michelle.

  2. I think it depends on the shop: if they had CCTV I could go back to the shop, suggest to the man that he handed me the wrong change in error, and if he denied it, I would ask them to re-run the cameras to prove that he had handed me the wrong change. If they didn't, I would just have to hope he was reasonable and returned the money, or take his word for it that I was 'mistaken' and go on my merry way, vowing to be more cautious in future! CCTV is definitely our friend, especially we are accuesd of shoplifting or something, too.


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