Friday, March 30, 2012

My New Mantra: “He didn’t dance with her” from the movie Courageous

On vacation a couple of weeks ago, we bought the new Sherwood Pictures movie Courageous

I have one word to describe it.


One scene in particular speaks to my mother’s heart (and my husband says to his heart as well).

The daughter (Emily) of the main character (Adam) hears her favorite song on the radio while she and her daddy are waiting in a bank parking lot for a friend to finish his business in the bank. She jumps out of the truck to dance on the grassy area nearby. She’s not content to dance alone, though; she wants her daddy to get out of his truck and dance with her on the grass. He is reluctant because other people will see them, people driving by on the busy street. He tells her that he is dancing with her in his heart.

Aww. He’s a good daddy, right? I mean, how many times have I done that?

Put off the doing and settle for being?

But then she dies. The nine-year-old daughter is killed in a car accident a few days later.

In his grief, the father returns to the bank parking lot, turns up the music, and dances by himself in the grass.

I had to get a box of tissues.

I also had to face the reality.

Too often I put off the doing and settle for being.

 . . . When my six-year-old wants me to sit and savor a pretend cup of chicken soup she made in the play kitchen . . .

. . . When my three-year-old comes to me with an imaginary boo-boo and wants me to sit down and hold him . . .

. . . When my ten-year-old wants to relive a memory from a vacation we took four years ago while I’m washing dishes, fixing supper, and folding laundry. . .

So now, I remind myself, “He didn’t dance with her.”

I don’t want just to be a mother. I want to do mothering.


Do you settle for being when you should be doing?
Have you seen Courageous? Did you need a box of tissues?

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  1. Craig and I love that movie. It made me cry , laugh, and love my children even more. Craig even changed after watching that movie. Sometimes my house may not be dust free, dishes in the sink, or piles of laundry, My children are happy. That's what will matter in life. They are our biggest prority besides God and our husbands. I'm not saying I never clean but it just isn't as important anymore. I do most of it after they have gone to bed. I want to make my days with them count. Please pray for our family as we are making some big decisions in our life right now. They will be big changes for all of us. I will post on my blog about it when I can. Remember Deut. chapter 6.

  2. Loved that movie, and that scene speaks volumes. I'm guilty of sitting out way too many dances as well. But tomorrow is a new day. :)

    1. It's so easy to say "just a minute." But then when does that minute come? So grateful for second chances. Thanks, Angie.

  3. Awesome, inspiring movie...our family loved it! The older Corey gets, I realize that we only have a very short span of our children's lives to enjoy those very special moments. I want to dance every dance...sniff, sniff. Being parents is a very special gift from God....I don't want to take it for granted.


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