Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sewing Seeds: A Homemade Gift Bag

Sew So, I thought I needed to give The Hubs a little something more than these six sensational gifts thatdon’t cost a penny.

Chocolate! {Especially since I knew he would share . . . .}

Even though pink and red and gold foil covered chocolate hearts are cute, the plastic bag they come in is a less-than-attractive presentation. I really wanted to make something super-cute and girly and valentine-y, but I couldn’t find any scraps and I couldn’t bring myself to re-purpose this skirt that fit my six-year-old perfectly.
{It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but the flowers are actually red and pink hearts. Very Valentine-y.}

Plus, the bag is for my husband; I figured it ought to be at least slightly manly.

I found some leftover denim and a bit of red.
It looks from the shape of the scrap like I had intended to make a pair of small jeans once upon a time. *sigh* Well, you know how life goes sometimes.

Anyway, I used a cellophane treat bag as a pattern and just cut a rectangle slightly bigger than the bag.
I used a cookie cutter to trace and then cut a heart out of some red scrap.
Fabric adhesive kept the heart attached so that I could use a small and tight over-edge stitch to give the edge of the heart a finished look.
The over-edging around the heart could have been better – more precise and uniform – but in the interest of time (remember those six children I have?), I decided this was good enough. And, I am blessed to have a husband who won’t notice but will think it’s amazing that I even did this for him.

I put the two pieces right sides together and stitched each side and the bottom. I also over-edged the seams for a more finished feel inside.
I hemmed the top edge, keeping the red thread for a bit of contrast.

At this point, The Twelve-Year-Old asked, “You’re making Daddy a purse for Valentine’s Day?”

Hmm. . . . I hope The Hubs doesn't respond like that.

As I measured out the ribbon, I thought sixteen inches would be enough. With my machine, I tacked the ribbon onto the back.
Finally, I filled the bag with candy and tied the ribbon. It held the 17ounce bag of chocolate perfectly.
Rather masculine but still an attractive presentation – and filled with goodies to share! J
Happy sewing

What else could you do with this cute little bag?

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