Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pinkalicious Goes After-Christmas Shopping

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with Christmas decorations.

I’m not talking about pulling out last year’s lights and finding them in a big ball, then patiently untangling them just to plug them in and find that half of them don’t light.

I’m not talking about differences in personal style. Some like country, some like Santas or snowmen, some like rustic, some like elegant. I see beauty in all of them.

I’m not talking about real versus artificial trees. We’ve had both, and I like both.

I’m talking about color. For years and years and years, red and green were Christmas colors. Ornaments, wrapping paper, ribbon, all were good strong reds and greens, sometimes silver or gold or white.

Not now.

Now you can have a Christmas tree that is pink or purple. My six-year-old daughter, “Pinkalicious,” exclaims every year when we see the pink Christmas tree for sale. Maybe she’ll have it when she grows up – that’s her prerogative – but she can come to my house where it will be Christmas-y. *wink* (I know some of you like pink and purple, and I love your trees, but stay with me.)

Or you can have a Christmas tree the colors of your favorite team: red and white, blue and white, orange and black. Yuck! (Sorry, but I had to say that.)

I’m a traditionalist. I guess I just need to have what I grew up with. I cannot have pink at Christmastime.

So you ask, where is all of this going? I had a frugal epiphany a few years back. I’m sure it was not my original idea, and, in fact, many of you probably have had the same idea. But now, with pink and purple and blue as Christmas colors, my frugal idea is becoming easier to implement.

(Wow. All this build-up, and it’s not really that big of an idea. *smile*)

I am buying non-Christmas-y Christmas wrap to use throughout the year for birthday wrap.

Clearance non-Christmas-y Christmas wrap. At least 50% off. Maybe even 75% off. I bought this wrapping paper and ribbon at Target yesterday. (Okay, I added the balloons left from Noelle's birthday, but it only serves to make my point.)

We have a lot of birthdays – eight between October and January. So, this year, I am buying pink Christmas wrapping paper and purple Christmas wrapping paper and blue-and-red-striped Christmas wrapping paper. With pink or purple or blue or white ribbon, you would never know it was Christmas wrap.

Just call me Pinkalicious.

What do you think? Am I cheap or am I thrifty?

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