Friday, December 2, 2011

A Little Christmas Shopping

We put up our Christmas tree recently, and I was disappointed.
It seemed a little thin. A little scraggly. We put on lights, and we put on garland, and we put on ornaments. I still wished for a full, luscious tree.

But it wasn’t just that.

I wanted new ornaments. We have been hanging the same ornaments for years. Some were cute. Some had memories of vacations. But, they just seemed . . . flat. I thought it was time for something new.

So, I went shopping. . . .

For a new attitude.

I remembered a time when Rachelle Himelick ( decided not to put small trees up in her children’s rooms. They had a family tree in the living room, and she made a conscious decision that that was enough. A member of their inner-city church didn’t have the money even to have one tree, and she said that she could not, in good conscience, have more trees when some in their church couldn’t even have one.

(Okay, confession time. My children have trees in their rooms.)

My new attitude works well. . . most of the time. Sometimes it needs a little maintenance. But, overall, I would recommend it 100% of the time to other shoppers.

It is the perfect ornament to make your Christmas tree sparkle.

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