Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Angels and Demons and The Baby Jesus

Have you ever really thought about the spiritual battle that may have – must have – surrounded the conception and birth of Christ? Angels and demons. Light and dark. Swords and scabbards. Truth and lies.
            Would Satan try to stop the conception and birth of Christ? Why wouldn’t he?
            Max Lucado, in a tiny book titled An Angel’s Story, describes his vision of the cosmic war that probably surrounded Christmas Day and The Event that we celebrate with gifts and carols and candle light. Legions of angels protect the vial that Gabriel is carrying to Mary. Swords are brandished and lies revealed as Sophio and Aegus and Paragon battle not only with demons but Lucifer himself as they protect Mary and the baby on the way to Bethlehem.
            It is an amazing and vivid telling of the Christmas story from a viewpoint I had never thought about before.
So, we started a new Christmas tradition last year.
            We have always enjoyed special Christmas readings for the month of December in our family devotion times, but it has usually consisted of poems. A couple of years ago, though, we discovered An Angel’s Story. Now, the week before Christmas, we read one chapter each evening – only one chapter, despite the children’s begging. It is quick and easy to read – the entire book is only about 70 pages – and doesn’t keep the children up late. This tradition has become our favorite, setting the tone for Christmas Day, drawing our hearts to the Person we celebrate with awe, reverence, and goose-bumps. Above all, I pray that my children will learn this lesson: “I could not comprehend God’s plan, but my understanding was not essential. My obedience was.” (p. 17)
            Merry Christmas!

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