Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten Rules for Happy Living

This posting is courtesy of Gems of Truth, Herald and Banner Press, July 17, 2011. I love these suggestions so much I wanted to share them.
1.      Keep busy. One cannot always work strenuously, so have a hobby.
2.      Never indulge in self pity. Maybe you did not have opportunities as a child, but you can make them now.
3.      When you go out, prepare to give a smile to everyone who will take it. “No one is properly clothed unless he wears a smile.”
4.      Cultivate a cheerful disposition and a sense of humor.
5.      Put yourself out to help someone every day.
6.      Fill your life with worthwhile things. Then should the light go out, you will have something to think about.
7.      Appreciate people. Nothing gives more pay than appreciation.
8.      Children are the hope of the world. Make at least one child happy every day.
9.      Refuse to be discouraged. What should be done, can be.
10.  Read your Bible, and talk to God about everything.

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