Friday, May 27, 2011

Future First Lady

            About a year ago, when my family and I were vacationing in Washington, D.C., we browsed the gift shop at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home. I found a boys’ tee-shirt emblazoned with the flag and “Future President.” I looked around and then approached the cashier to ask about a “Future First Lady” tee-shirt.
            The response?
            When I did not join in their amusement, they realized it was a serious inquiry and answered the question in the negative.
            Quite frankly, their feminist I’m-as-good-as-any-man attitude made me angry. Is being First Lady of the United States such a terrible ambition? According to a government website (, “the first lady is still a role model for American women. One of the highest-profile jobs in the U.S. government comes with no official duties, no paycheck, and almost limitless possibilities. The first lady can influence the president and can even exercise a degree of political power over policy and legislation.” [Italics mine.] Plus, she wears some of the most gorgeous clothes I have ever seen. First ladies “have been able from earliest times to use their position to influence styles and advocate for social and political causes.” Not a bad job description.

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